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Accolta dei 15 – Visual arts exhibition


The Accolta dei 15 (‘The group of the fifteen’) is a visual arts show which since 1946 has been promoting the most significant artists of the area and has followed the evolution of art in the city.
‘The Accolta has always kept up with the history of Fano, it is an observatory on aesthetic and anthropologic changes, it is a record of the real life of a community. Such community, surrounded by the pervasive “tweeting” of the web, runs the risk of losing its modes of expression and of losing contact with real relationships, although it may not be aware of it, and that is precisely why it needs new stimuli, new bonds, new challenges. That is also what art does. Today, art has new modes of expression, new materials, methods and times, as Walter Benjamin taught us’ (from the presentation of the Accolta dei 15).
Nobody, not even the founders themselves, could probably have imagined that that enthusiasm, that creativity and that little bit of folly, which inspired them, would live on for over seventy years. The Accolta is part of the historical heritage of Fano, differing only in that it is not made of marble or stone, nor is it a building or a church, but it is living culture, passion, exchange of ideas, courage.


Orario invernale (dal 1 ottobre al 31 maggio)

venerdì 16-19

sabato, domenica e festivi 10-12 e 16-19

chiuso 25 dicembre e 1 gennaio

Orario estivo (dal 1 giugno al 30 settembre)

venerdì 18-22
sabato, domenica e festivi 10-12 e 18-22








For further information about the event, please contact:

Office for Culture (Ufficio Cultura)

Via De Cuppis, 7

Tel. 0721.887401 - Fax 0721.887842